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The Shofar Man And Maker Dauwd Ray Produces The Finest Shofars In The Industry

Our mission is offering our customers the highest quality and most beautiful Kosher shofars that are equaled anywhere.  Shofars Blesbok Shofar Light 2Quality is very important to anyone who desires to own and play a shofar. Some people call these the “Stradivarius” or the “Rolls Royce” of shofars. Trumpet players have called our horns the “Bach”, “Monette”, and “Schilke” of shofars. So we will let others rate them for their quality, beauty, and sound, rather than extol them ourselves. Hence with us there is no need to pick out the best from the rest, as with our competitors. We also strive to maintain unsurpassed excellent quality.


Our Instruments Have Records To Enhance Their Value


The famous maker, Dauwd Ray signs all of his custom made shofars in his ancient Hebrew name Shofars. He also numbers, and dates, all of his horns. All great instrument makers keep these records, hence he also keeps records of all this information. These records prove authenticity, and add to the value of the horn.  To Buy Shofars CLICK HERE

We always ship USPS 3 day Express Mail In The USA. Call For Foreign Exporting!

We bubble wrap, box and ship all horns carefully, and fully insure them.


Certified Kosher And Hechsher

Many people are looking for a shofar from Israel or blessed by a Rabbi. The shofars we represent and sell are certified Kosher and Hecsher. To the best of our knowledge, the maker, Dauwd is the only certified Kosher shofar manufacturer in the USA, this side of Israel. Because of his certification Dauwd is a true shofar man / maker (shofarot).

Rabbinical Certification

Rabbi Dominick Zangla had overseen Dauwd’s custom built Shofars. Dominick made a habit of inspecting Dauwd’s handcrafted manufacturing for over a decade. Because of this, then, Dauwd, the maker, was Kosher certified by Rabbi  Zangla. All processes were thoroughly inspected and checked to be Kosher. Because of Dauwd’s certification he is a true shofar man / maker (shofarot). View an online copy of the Kosher Certification CLICK HERE Rabbi Zangla was the only one being fully aware of all proprietary processes. However the proprietary processes are blacked out on the online viewable copy of the certificate. This is to protect our products from competitors.

What Sets Us Apart

There are several things that set us apart at Shofar Expert. The Shofars we sell are from the premium Shofar maker, Dauwd Ray. Dauwd’s in house proprietary manufacturing comes from over a decade of making Shofars. He has produced over a thousand Shofars. Through the years Dauwd experimented and perfected the many aspects making Shofars. So today Dauwd’s processes of cutting, finishing, and tuning Shofars are without equal. He is set apart because of the quality handcrafting of his horns. Hence he has become what many believe is the finest Shofar maker on the planet.Waterbuck Shofars Dauwd’s love of making and  handcrafting shofars has allowed him to exit a secular life.. He has degrees involving Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Medicine with a personal background and love of Music. Dauwd also  avidly transcribes several languages, the Ancient Greek, Hebrew, and especially Ancient Pictographic Hebrew. As a result, much of this information goes into to the process of making the Shofars we sell.

Effective Sterilization Processes For an Odorless Horn

Different processes of cleaning and sterilization were tested. These successful techniques are a standard for his Shofars. Our first process for Shofar sterilization, leaves our shofars not giving off a foul odor, as others do. But because we do use a two step sterilization process, that consequently makes our horns even more bacteriostatic and viral-static. We also do seal our shofars with a multilayer internal seal. These processes make an odorless shofar. There were different types of finishes which were experimented with. Some of the finishes of our competitors do not move and breath with the horn and are not truly viable. Other finishes are not viable because they crack, leak or peel off. In conclusion, after much research, we do have three beautiful finishes that work successfully, which are also Kosher.

Real Mouthpieces Cut Into The Instrument

The mouthpiece was one the most important things to embark upon, with a background in music. Dauwd has custom designed several different mouthpieces. As a result his mouthpieces are the heart of each of his shofars, because it causes it to produce beautiful notes and sounds. Hence, the Mathematics of mouthpieces are critical for playing and tuning. Also different types of  kosher animals shofar horns and their varying lengths, require different throats. Finally, the last step is to determine the mouthpiece for the size, and kind of horn.

The Tuning Of Our Horns

The next step it to tune a horn to resonance for a given length, in the best way. Hence, most of our horns we tune very closely to a specific note. Dauwd, the maker, is a master of Shofar tuning. Also to the best of our knowledge, he is the only one in the world who can tune to a specific note. This tuning can be done within zero to 2 cents for the root note of any Shofar. (Musicians and trumpet players know the importance of cents in tuning.).

Compare Our Shofars To Others

IMPORTANT: SEE our Comparison Section. This page explains, and visually shows the actual construction differences. This page allows you to discern between the high quality KOSHER Shofars we sell, and the poor quality Shofars for sale by others on the market. This way you can see the big difference in our all around quality. Therefore, you will know what to look for before making a purchase!Eland Shofars

Brief History

The Shofar derives its notoriety historically from the Hebrew Scripture. It is to be blown at the New Moon, Passover, Shavuot (Pentecost), Yom Teruah (Rosh Hashanah), Yom Kippur, Sukkot, and last but not least, the weekly Sabbath. A Shofar was also used as a call to assembly or a call to war, in biblical times. The Shofar in modern times has become popular within several religions. The Shofar is known and used in Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Other Shofar Usages

There are other circles of  use as well. These circles of use are not always concerned with religious use. Some of  these other users include Lord of the Rings Fanatics. These fanatics are also purchasing our Shofars to reproduce the call to war in the battle scenes. Just as Shofars were actually used in ancient times! Please view, and learn from the information in our website! Enjoy the pictures of our available Shofars for sale. You can listen to the exact sound bites for each specific Shofar. NOTE: The Shofars you see, and the beautiful sound bites you hear will match the exact Shofar for sale. No Bait and Switch Tactics Here! Since we do accurately describe and represent our horns; no second hand car salesman strategies going on here

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