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Please do not hesitate to contact us. Ask for a free consultation if you have any questions concerning our Shofars. We hope that the site has been an enjoyable experience. As well as  an informative visit.

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ShofarExpert is a division of Absolute Environmental Products, Inc.

                                                                                   Owner:  Barry Cohen

                                                                                Address: 3164 Medina Circle E.

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Contact Us

Special Thanks: This website was worked on and done and finished by a very good friend of mine, without whose help this site would not have been possible. I want to extent special thanks to him, and to his family for their enduring patience during the many long hours in making this web site possible.

We also want to extend thanks to April Ray for her beautiful art work.

We want to extend special thanks to all who have made this site possible, and to those who have visited and especially to all of our customers as well.

Again we hope that you have enjoyed our site, and that have learned much about shofars from the material on the Shofar Expert Web site.

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