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Kosher Certified Shofars

Dauwd had known Rabbi Dominick Zangla for over ten years, and worked with him on a regular basis. Dominick had sold about 200 of Dauwd’s shofars because they were up to kosher certification standards. Rabbi Dominick Zangla was not a new comer to the shofar market by any means. As he had sold several thousand of them, and as a true expert he knew what quality was. Dominick saw the quality of Dauwd’s shofars, and in his later life only carried Dauwd’s shofars on a regular basis. As a result of this Dominick thought it fit to Certify Dauwd shofars as Kashrut henceforth in perpetuity. This is a certification that does not require renewal. Dominick knew the advantages of a truly Kosher horn, which is Qadosh. Because first and foremost is quality. 

A Truly Kosher Horn Is

1)  Boiled off the skull if necessary, so as not to damage the horn by fire, as so many others do.

2)  Cleaned inside and outside, by utensils that are not made from non-kosher animals.

3)  Not damaged because of heating or incorrect mouthpiece drilling.

4)  One that plays a clean note and does not give an indistinct sound.

5)  One with a good durable finish, or fully polished.

6)  meant to be played for extended periods, and so, if cared for, should last for generations.

7)  One that does not make use of any animal fat in any of the production procedures.

8)  A horn that does not stink.

Qadash (QuaDaSH) Shofar Horns

These Qadash horns have been given a soak of several things in a proprietary solution to prevent bacterial or viral growth. Dauwd’s horns are Kosher because they are only made from clean animals that chew the cud and are split at the hoof of the Sheep, Goat, Gazelle and Antelope families. As true Qadash quality is what we want to present to the Creator when playing a Shofar. So why would anyone want to present anything to Him of inferior quality? All of Dauwd’s Shofars are Kosher, Yasher, and are numbered, recorded and signed by his certification Hechsher kosher (DYUD). CLICK HERE To See The Difference Between Our Shofars And Others On Our Comparison Page

Import and Export Laws

Be Advised that it used to be that one could import finished animal products (Shofars) into the United States without, licensing, permit or bond. The laws have now changed as of 2008. Now any animal product finished or not has to go through U.S Fish and Wildlife Department, and Customs. So, if an individual or a business wants to be legal and import, then they need to go through the proper channels. Otherwise they could face a fine and or imprisonment. The penalty would go to the importer and possibly the buyer from that importer as well. A Form 1-377 is required to import or export. (DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR, Fish and Wildlife Service 50 CFR Part 14) All of our shofars are Qadosh and legal for you to purchase from us without any paperwork or problems!

Shofar Expert Does Not Import and Export Shofars

All Dauwds shofars have been obtained from Legal importers and as such follow the laws of the land to be Kosher. Dauwd does not, and will not make a Shofar out of any endangered species. Dauwd does not import or export.

However if export is needed lawful arrangements can be made for this.

Proof of Kosher Certification

The Portions of the certificate that are blacked out below are the proprietary processes. Dominick had to be familiar with for certification. However these are not for common knowledge to the consumer or competitors to protect our processes from being infringed upon. Also since Dominick passed on in 2012, his email and contact information have also been blacked out.

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