Privacy Policy

Shofar Expert Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Note: We at Shofar Expert absolutely understand that your total privacy is of the utmost importance! Your Information Is Safe! All credit card order information is well encrypted to prevent any breech of data.

Shofar Expert will NEVER EVER share or sell your order information, name, address, phone number, e-mail address, check, money transfer or credit card information with anyone, period!


1)  If there is a need to discuss information about your Shofar with DauWd Ray, the famous shofar maker, please e-mail us direct at Include an explanation in detail for your reason/s to contact him. Also please include your phone number. Then, we will have him contact you direct. ASAP!

2) We will comply with the demands of the authorities should they ever properly and officially contact us.  We will comply with them concerning anyone committing a crime. This includes but is not limited to fraud, credit card fraud and theft.

Thank You,

Barry Cohen: – Owner of

Phone Number: (561) 629-5618

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