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We strive to maintain the highest quality Kosher shofars that are unsurpassed in beauty and sound anywhere. There is no need to pick out the best from the rest. The famous maker, Dauwd Ray’s custom made shofars are signed in his ancient Hebrew name quality Dauwd. Also all of his horns are numbered and dated. These records prove authenticity, and add to the value of the horn. Some people refer these as the “Stradivarius” or the “Rolls Royce” of shofars. To Buy Shofars CLICK HERE

We ship USPS 3 day Express Mail In The USA only, & they are carefully wrapped & fully insured.

Rabbi Certified Kosher

The quality shofars we sell are certified Kosher and Hecsher. To the best of our knowledge, the maker, Dauwd is the only certified Kosher shofar manufacturer in the USA, this side of Israel. Because of Dauwd’s certification he is truly the shofar man / maker (shofarot). Rabbi Dominick Zangla had overseen Dauwd’s custom crafted Shofars. Dominick oversaw Dauwd’s handcrafted manufacturing for over a decade. Only then, Dauwd, the maker, was Kosher certified by Rabbi Zangla. Hence, all processes were thoroughly inspected and checked to be Kosher. Because of Dauwd’s certification he is a true shofar man / maker (shofarot). To view an online copy of the Kosher Certification CLICK HERE. Because of this close relationship Rabbi Zangla was keenly aware of all proprietary processes. However the proprietary processes have been blacked out on the online viewable copy of the certification. This is to protect our products from competitors.

Why We Are Set Apart

There are several things that set us apart at Shofar Expert. The Shofars we sell are from the premium Shofar maker, Dauwd Ray. Dauwd’s shofars are premium because of in house proprietary manufacturing that has come from over a decade of making Shofars. He has produced one thousand and fourty-eight Shofars. Through the years Dauwd perfected the many aspects of making Shofars. So today, Dauwd’s processes of cutting, finishing, and tuning Shofars are unequaled. Because of this he has become what many refer to as the finest Shofar maker on the planet. Also he has degrees involving Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Medicine. He also has background in, and personal love of Music.

Effective Sterilization Process

Different processes of cleaning and sterilization were tested. So due to this testing, Dauwd now uses a two step sterilization process. These successful techniques became a standard for his Shofars. Because of his processes of Shofar sterilization, our Shofars do not give off a foul odor, as do many competitors. Also different types of finishes were perfected. So now, there are three beautiful finishes that are Kosher and durable.

Our Mouthpieces

The mouthpiece was one the most important things to be designed, with a background in music. Dauwd has custom designed several mouthpieces. The mouthpiece is the heart of a Shofar. It enables it to play and produce beautiful notes. Mathematically, mouthpieces are critical for playing and tuning. Different mouthpieces, and throats, were found to be necessary for different horns. The mouthpiece for the size, and kind of horn has to be determined. The next step is to properly tune a horn to resonance for a given length. Because of this, Dauwd, the maker, is a master of Shofar tuning. Dauwd, to the best of our knowledge, is the only one in the world who can tune to an exact note.

Comparison Of Our Shofars To Others

We endeavor to educate. So be sure to peruse our Comparison Section. You will see the actual construction differences. This will allow you to distinguish a high quality KOSHER Shofar, from a poor quality one. There are many poor quality Shofars being sold in the marketplace. Therefore you need to be fully aware of what you are buying. You will see a big difference in our all around quality. You will become educated. Because once you  know what is quality and what is not, then you will know what to look for when making a purchase!

Short Shofar History

The Shofar gets its notoriety historically from the Hebrew Scripture. It is to be blown at the New Moon, Passover, Shavuot (Pentecost), Yom Teruah (Rosh Hashanah), Yom Kippur, Sukkot, and the weekly Sabbath. The Shofar was also used as a call to assembly, a call to war, and a call to worship in biblical times. The Shofar today is used by several religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. There are other users as well. These users are not concerned with religion.  They include Lord of the Rings Fanatics. These fanatics have purchased our Shofars to reproduce the war call in the battle scenes. Just as Shofars were actually used in ancient times!

So we hope that you have learned from our informative content! Enjoy the specific pictures and sound clips for each of our Shofars for sale.

NOTE: The Shofars you see, and the beautiful sound bites you hear will match the exact Shofar being sold. Also we accurately describe and represent our horns. So No used car salesman Bait and switch strategies are used!

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