Repairs & Services

Shofar repairs, custom tuning, custom mouthpieces, cleaning, and refinishing.

Matched Pair Tuning Service

A) Matched pair tunings within 12 cents to 15 cents are a minimum of $80.00 to tune each horn. So if you want a closer tuning see ‘B’ below.

Trumpet Player Mouthpiece Service

B) Trumpet player mouthpiece precision matched within 5 cents minimum of $160.00 per shofar.

C) Trumpet mouthpieces are $100.00 extra within 11 cents; Parduba mouthpieces are extra by special order. Because this requires that a horn has enough beef or can be made to have enough beef to cut these mouthpieces.

Mouthpiece repairs  Image 7C Custom mouthpiece Trumpet 7C Mouthpiece Example

D) Custom cut mouthpieces and custom accurate note tuning is extra based on $50.00 per hour.

E) Asymmetric mouthpiece is a modified 22C style for ram’s horns and Kudu, $50.00 per hour.

Policy On Rush Jobs

F) All rush jobs are $200.00 Extra, if they can be conveniently fitted in, so as not unfairly interfere with current jobs. One and only one horn will ever be allowed, then you may schedule for others horns later. I prefer not to do rush jobs at all.

General Repairs

G) Shofar repairs on mouthpieces, or the finish, or the horn itself is at the rate of $50.00 per hour. That is if it is deemed repairable. Therefore, before any repair, we require horn inspection to ascertain if the horn can be repaired.

H) If a shofar is not already in our possession then we require the customer to pay shipping both ways, plus the cost of repair.

We do have the ability for many custom services. However these custom service may or may not apply to a horn sent to us for repair or modification. It all depends on the condition of any shofar that is sent to us for evaluation. So, you may want talk with the owner Barry Cohen. Please see our Contact Us page CLICK HERE To Go To The Contact Us Page

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