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Shofar Expert Shipping and Return Policies

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1) Shipping Policies – All of our stock is viewable through photographs and a specific sound bytes. This is to insure that any customer gets exactly what they see and hear. Also all of our shofars are inspected before shipping, and if a fault is found it will be corrected before shipment. We encourage customers to ask questions to become knowledgeable concerning their purchase.

2) We generally ship USPS 3 day Priority, unless special arrangements have been made. Also Tuesdays and Thursdays are out ship out days.

3) We have no control over the expediency of any delivery once it has left our hands, and is in the shippers hands. We are not and will not be responsible for delays, mistakes, errors or anything else that may happen with any shipper, be it USPS, UPS, Fed-Ex etc. However, if any damage occurs in shipment all our shofars are fully insured.

4) If a customers package is lost in transit or damaged, then the insurance will cover it. This is after it is investigated by the carrier.

5) All of our packages are bubble wrapped and Styrofoam pellets are used for larger shipments. They are then boxed and taped to meet all shipper or carrier requirements. This is to thoroughly protect our products during the transit time.

6) Since we do deal in Shofars specifically, we do have a no return policy. Why? This is due to health reasons. Any person at anytime could have, or may have, a communicable disease. Shofars cannot be re-sterilized by both the original sterilization with out ruining the Shofar. This process is only possible with metal instruments like trumpets and trombones. A Shofar is a permeable animal product that does absorb moisture, spittle, and anything in that moisture or spittle.

7) Ask yourself if you would like to purchase a Shofar that someone else had purchased and used? NO! Their spittle would be in the returned horn. Right? However, if you do purchase a Shofar from another supplier who does allow returns, then there is a good chance you may have just purchased a used and returned Shofar. Ask yourself, again. Do I want to put my lips to a mouthpiece of a Shofar that any unknown stranger has kissed? Did they have any communicable disease, which I don’t want them to share with me?

8) We will accept returns on unopened Shofar shipments, if our special seal on the box is unbroken. If we determine that the item has been opened or repackaged, used, soiled, damaged or has damaged packaging, we will not accept a return. The item must be returned as it was originally shipped, period. Absolutely no returns for any reason after 30 days from the date of the sale.

9) We will not accept a package Shofar swap, or abridgment of our items Since all Mouthpieces and Shofar styles and finishes are COPYRIGHT. Also since all of our Shofars by this maker are to be signed in Ancient Hebrew Pictograph as Shofars. They are Kosher certified by the KASHRUT and HECHSHER, by Rabbinical certification of Rabbi Dominick Zangla, as of September 6, 2012. We will not accept an abridgment or forgery in return.

10) Since initial shipping is free, if you keep you shofar. We do not and will not pay for return shipping or carrier costs.

11) We will not be responsible for any returned package that has been damaged or lost during shipping. We do require insured return shipping, and we always ship insured. We also recommend that any return should be sent by three day, two day, or overnight shipping. This gives a shipper or carrier less time to cause damage.

12) We will not give any credit on shipping or carrier cost for any item returned to us. Absolutely no refunds for this!

13) In the event that there should be a special order, by credit card, funds must be cleared, and there are no returns or credits, since it is a special order, that labor may have commenced.

14) A return authorization number is required by telephone, email, or a USPS return receipt letter, before you may ship an item back. A return authorization number must be provided by us before commencing any return. Contact us, and We will provide you a return authorization number to do so. If a package is sent back without this authorization number, the package will be refused.

15) All packages to be returned, shall be returned within seven days, from the date that the package is received by the buyer/purchaser.

16) Since we offer free shipping on our Shofars, we will deduct that cost before giving a credit, on a returned item. There will be a 20% restocking fee for all returns.

17) Our prices are fair for the artisan shofars that we manufacture, hence we do not sell wholesale.

18) We appreciate our customers following this shipping and return policy. By doing this we shall be able to continue to bring you Shofars of unequaled quality and beauty.

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