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Made In The USA By The Shofar Man Dauwd Ray.

Almost All Of His Shofars Are Collector And Museum Quality.

Kosher Certified Shofars For Sale, Yemenite Kudu, Ram’s Horn And Exotic Shofars.

We ship every Tuesday & Thursday by USPS priority mail, and each Shofar is fully insured.

Call Toll Free: 1-888-578-7324 – Call Direct: 1-561-629-5618 or Email: with any questions.

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The Shofar Store is proud to offer only the highest quality rabbi certified kosher shofars that are handcrafted, individually numbered and signed by famous USA shofar maker (shofarot) Dauwd Ray, the shofar man.

As you browse through the shofar store you will find an assortment of legal exotic shofars. The most most common exotic shofars you will find here will be from blesbock, eland, gemsbok, kudu, and ram’s horn. When available we will offer shofars made from american antelope, sable (not great sable) and waterbuck.

A unique feature only found in our shofar store is the ability to listen to the actual soundbytes of each and every shofar we offer for sale before you purchase them.

Also each shofar is professionaly and properly rated for sound, quality, size rarity, bell size rarity, color, and finish. We also test each shofar for the notes that it will play and post them accurately, for each horn listed for sale in our shofar store. Also each shofar has the a trumpet mouthpiece cut directly into the horn for easy playing and the ability to change notes while playing.

These features are very important and will enhance the playability and value of each shofar. Another value is the signature of the maker, as each professional instrument maker signs what they make. Dauwd Ray’s shofars are signed in his ancient Hebrew name which is also his trademark (hechsher) to validate them as being kosher. For these reasons we only sell Dauwd Ray shofars.

Thank you for shopping in our shofar store!

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