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This is the sold Galley of horns, and we are in the process of filling it. The horns sold by this site and some prior to the making of this site will be represented here. A great many of Dauwd Ray’s shofars have been sold the last 12 years; however many earlier horns did not have soundbytes or pictures taken of them. The quality spoke for itself and many people recognized his signature inside the bell of each horn. The signature of the master maker of any instrument only adds to its value. Many people collect shofars, by species, or by the root note that it plays or even by the different colors. Since the website was under construction it came to our attention that many people who love shofars would enjoy browsing a collection of sights and sounds. Also from this collection you will be able to see past examples of Dauwd Ray’s museum quality horns.

Please note: That we do not take special orders at this time. So if you may see a shofar that you like and want one, this may or may not be possible; but again we are not taking special orders at this time. Remember that these are animal horns and no two will be exactly alike, so do not expect this. Nature makes these and they do not come out of a mold. Please Visit Our Kosher Certification page, CLICK HERE

!_Picture The 4 different Scriptural Sounds of the Shofar

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