328 Yemenite Kudu Horn Shofar 54″

Superior Professional Line of Quality Yemenite Kudu Horn Shofar 54.00″; With Keel; 22C Mouthpiece, Yellow with Reds and Maroons


Press play on the player to listen to this Kudu Shofar

Price $2,920.00

This is an Excellent playing Giant 54 inch Yemenite shofar. The scale is as near to perfect in tuning, and as near to perfect for a chromatic scale that can be achieved ever. This horn also has the coveted C4 note. This is as good as it gets. The mouthpiece is a 22C and is easy to play for all including trumpet players. This is a rare horn for length, finding any horn over fifty inches today and of this quality is scarce. This is a rare Yellow horn with reds and maroons. This has an absolutely wonderful low bassy root, THE LOWEST possible for a Shofar, the C4.  This is an outstanding playable piece of art that one will not want to miss out on, get it while you can. It is also signed, dated, and serial numbered by Dauwd Ray.

X-Large Bell – 4.25″
FRONT BLOW: C4 +38 cents 267.43hz; G#4 -20 cents 410/53hz; C#5 +33 cents 565.39hz; F5 +03 cents 699.67hz; A5 +05 cents 877.46hz; B5 +36 cents 1008.52hz

SIDE BLOW: C4 +38 cents 267.43hz; G#4 -20 cents 410/53hz; C#5 +33 cents 565.39hz
Front blow or side blow

Sound Quality: 4; Size Rarity: 5; Bell Size Rarity: 5; Color Rarity: 3; Finish Quality: 5

Sound Quality Scale:
5 = Superior, Perfectly In Tune and Chromatic and Loud
4 = Very Good, In Tune and Chromatic and Loud
3 = Good, Average Tuning and Loud
2 = Average, Average Tuning and Average Loudness
1 = Fair, Fair Tuning, Average Loudness

Size Rarity Scale:
5 = Kudu 53 Inches and above; Ram’s Horns 27 Inches and Above
4 = Kudu 50 to 52 Inches; Ram’s Horns 24 to 27 inches
3 = Kudu 45 to 49 Inches; Ram’s Horns 21 to 24 inches
2 = Kudu 40 to 44 Inches; Ram’s Horns 18 to 21 inches
1 = Kudu 39 Inches and below; Ram’s Horns anything below 21 inches

Bell Size Rarity:
5 = 4.00 Inches and Larger (Super Larger)
4 = 3.375 Inches to 3.875 Inches (X-Large)
3 = 2.75 Inches to 3.25 Inches (Large)
2 = 2.00 Inches to 2.625 Inches (Medium)
1 = Anything Under 2.0 Inches

Color Rarity Scale:
5 = Gray, Green, Yellow, without black mouthpiece end; Carved with no holes from carving and Painted
4 = Grays and Red, or Olive Greens and Red; Also with any Whites; Tiger or Zebra Stripe, Rare Straight, Carved with no holes
3 = Bright Reds and Magenta; Also with any Whites; with Black mouthpiece end; Anything that is painted without carving
2 = Mixed Pinks and Reds; with black mouthpiece end
1 = Tans or Browns with Pinks with Black Mouthpiece End

Finish Quality:
5 = Superior
4 = Excellent
3 = Good
2 = Fair
1 = Poor


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